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Renate Wasinger – FINE ART PHOTO

Renate Wasinger

A good photo is a photo you look at for more than a second.

My name is Renate Wasinger. I am 40 years old and work full-time in the real estate industry. Together with my partner, I live in beautiful bavaria, near Rosenheim.

Ever since I discovered photography for myself in 2013, the photography has been inspiring me more and more. Photography has quickly become my passion and is taking more and more of my free time.

It fascinates me, when a photo shows that "less is more". I try to implement this aspect in my photos. Because many things can only be seen at second glance.

"A good photo is a photo you look for more than a second." This quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson has become my motto. Because if the world is flooded with photos today, there are a multitude of unique and special images that stand out from the crowd.

In my work, i like to combine the black and white photography and the minimalism that appeals to both of them. But i also work with fine art and abstract photography.
Especially in spring and autumn, when the fog comes, but also in winter, i am always on a discovery tour and looking for the most beautiful moods. I would like to capture their magic and the extraordinary emotions that evoke them with a "perfect" - or even "not perfect" photo. This "special something" i achieve especially in my black and white pictures.

Recently, i am also increasingly participating in photography competitions and i am very happy about every publication and the growing interest in my photos.

As a next project, i will continue to work with the subject of "long exposure". I love the silence and tranquility given to a shot with this technique.

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